Wednesday, 5 June 2013

An Evening Alone

She undid her belt and let it hang for a moment before sliding her jeans down her slender legs and kicking them to the floor. She was frustrated, despite a long night out in the pub with Jenni she was in a worse mood than she had started off in. Standing in the dark she pulled open the top drawer of her bedside cabinet and slid her hand inside, fumbling for a few moments her hand secured the firm Silicone shaft.

Climbing in to her still unmade bed she relaxed for a moment enjoying the softness of the mattress and the coolness of the pillow. Then her hand grasped function 1 and the rabbit sprung to life in her hand. Resting it against her underwear she closed her eyes and tried to picture him kissing her, softly first then more passionately, the low buzzing seemed to scream but she was already getting wet and she slid her underwear to the side pressing the cold firm silicone of her bright pink Rampant Rabbit against her clitoris. Imagining him pressing her down she slid the tip of the vibrating shaft slowly towards her waiting entrance. Starting with the tip of its head she slid the shaft inside and quivered a little as she did.  Tilting her head to the side she began gently thrusting the vibrating beast becoming wetter with every stroke, eventually she was ready and able to slide the entire length inside and turn on the ears.

Almost instantly she felt her toes curl as the ears began their vibration, slowly at first. Her hand reached down towards the backlit buttons and suddenly the ears sprang to life. She struggled to contain herself as the long hard shaft vibrated even harder and then she was done.